a way to make things clear

about me I am a creative videographer based in the Lot, France.

Movieproduction is a personal and small firm for videography.
I got into videography when I was just a child. My grandparents were often the subject. And I'm glad, because now it's a wonderful memory to them.

Grown up video becomes more serious. I followed several training sessions at the Apple Training Centre in Amsterdam where I successfully obtained my degree. My love for videography grew from whimsicale and modest to a real and passionate activity. 

My goal is to put the right emotion and shots on video. 
I capture weddings, instruction and product videos but also promotional videos such as holiday accomodations, chestnut wood and recently a choir in France and a promotional video for a triathlon sponsor at Rotterdam. 

But there is so much more to capture on video. 

Why a video?

The power of video, moving images, can greatly contribute to the communication or promotion of any business. It adds conviction and makes things clear, better than words or photos can do. A video can easily answer common customer questions. 

But that is not the only reason to choose for videography. Video is also a memory. Especially when it comes to an important moment in life, like a wedding, funeral or birth. And why not a video of your loving pet, your competition in sport or dance, music or theater? Things you do in your spare time. 

A video is a way to make it clear but also a souvenir, a memory for ever. 

How do we get started?

We, customer and Movieproduction, will start with questions. We both want to know everything what is important for capturing all the images for video. So we start with

  • a brainstorm (what do you want)
  • a script (when, what, where, who)
  • filming (capturing all the shots on the big day)
  • editing (homework for me)
  • preview (overview of the results with customer, very important)
  • delivery

    In the preview phase we take both a look at the results. It's an important phase, because changes or improvements can be passed. If changes are needed they can still take place. So you really get the video you wanted.

The delivery is the video we made as videographer and customer. 

Featured videos

The way of filming is to capture the unexpected elements and unpredictable movements. 
During the filming Movieproduction is discreetly present. 
Perhaps you don't even notice.


Where is Movieproduction based in France?
Movieproduction is based in the department Lot, 46250 Marminiac.

Do you also travel for video capturing?
Yes, Movieproduction does. But travel costs and subsistence expenses are not included in the price of the video. 

How much does a videography cost?
The price of a video depends on several matters such as location, equipment and duration. It's not that easy to price a video. But to give an estimate indication: a promotional video taken on one place with only a camera (not a drone) will be around 395 euro, including VAT and excluding travel and accomodation costs.

Is there a retainer?
Yes, there is. Movieproduction  requires a 15% non-refundable retainer. 

How do you deliver the video?
Movieproduction uploads the video on internet and send you the link. From there you can download it right onto your pc. Or put it on a memory stick. 

What has Movieproduction done already?
I have done an autocross and survival competitions (also for me a survival to get the footage 🙂 ), weddings, product and pet videos, choir, promotional video of camping and holiday resort and the most recent was a promotional video of triathlon for the sponsor at Rotterdam. 

Could you also make a video of our house for sale?
Yes, of course. 

Do you also film with a drone?
Movieproduction also has the possibility to fly with a drone on respected zones.



If you have any questions, let me know. Questions are for free!

Thanks for your interest and maybe we will see each other.

Greetz from Movieproduction